Pictures from Stage 7, Lower Slide Lake.

Dang that was a windy one. Specially from about Mile 5 to 8 on the outbound leg ( and again Mile 27 to 30 on the return leg ). Going out it was not that bad with a tail wind. Coming home, those Mushers are sure ” having some fun “. Good leaders are a must. The trail crew and Dan Carter were out on the trail with snow machines to keep it open and to reset blown away trail markers. From when I passed the teams on the return leg, Bruce Magnusson was making up for lost time on yesterdays run. He was the 1st team heading back to the finishing line, flollowed by Doug Butler. Likely Doug will be caught by a few of the faster teams on the way home.

Both Lina Streeper and Anny Malo looked excellent out there. Anny was making great time, and had made up about 2 minutes on Lina at Mile 15 ( ish ).

Here a selection of pictures from todays Stage: I am sure we will hear plenty of stories at tonights final Musher banquet!