Pinedale Stage 5 ( Take 2 ). Anny Malo regains Yellow Bib

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

today in Pinedale saw racing at its best. Clear Skys, perfect temperatures at race start. And even once it did start warming up, there was a nice south breeze to cool down the dogs. The trail had already been groomed for Mondays originally planned stage. So with it getting re-groommed it was nice, hard and fast.


The first 7 miles have lots of wide open country with being along the upper Green River, than from Mile 7 to 15 there is are some switchbacks and the trail goes up into the high country. The views are hard to beat from up there. I did not see Mile 15 to 19, as we turned around, to avoid head on passes with the Snowmachine.

Today saw some average times over 15 mph for the first time. Anny Malo edged out Alix Crittenden by 3 minutes and 29 seconds. We will have another yellow bib ceremony in the morning, at the Alpine staging area. Laura Bontrager came in third place 56 seconds ahead of Donny Poulin from The Pas Manitoba in 4th.  Cathy Rivest rounded out the Top 5, finishing 52 seconds behind Donny Poulin.

Despite ” this shuffling ” for places during Stage 5 in Pinedale, the overall Standings have remained the same. Anny Malo has close to a 20 minute lead over Alix Crittenden, who widened her lead over Cathy Rivest to a bit more than 9 Minutes. Laura Bontrager and Donny Poulin are separated by 4 and half minutes for 4th and 5th play. It gets really close for 6th and 7th place between Liz Thompson and Mike Bestgen. After 5 days of racing they are 1 minute and 7 seconds apart.

Sarah Tarlton and Austin Forney are at this point competing for 8th and 9th place, separated by 2 minutes and 54 seconds. Canadian Rachel Courtney is 3 minutes behind them, rounding out the Top 10. The complete standings here:


And for the die hard mushing fans: Split times: Notably Laura Bontrager had the fastest split time for the last 7 miles to the finish line with 27 minutes and 12 seconds.