Pinedale Stage 5

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

yesterdays Kemmerer Stage saw the longest Stage with 36.5 Miles. Once teams reached the turn around they had also reached the half way point of the whole race. Different strategies were deployed yesterday. Anny Malo and Cathy Rivest ran booties on all of their dogs.


Alix Crittenden and Rachel Courtney elected to only take 9 dogs for this stage. Have 9 dogs on the line sure did not slow Alix down, as she posted the fastest runtime by 2 minutes over Anny Malo. Donny Poulin rounded out the Top 3, with being 1 Minute slower than Anny Malo and a mere 2 seconds faster than Cathy Rivest. Laura Bontrager had the 5th fastest time with 2 hrs 43 minutes and 14 seconds, which is 13.2 mph.

After the Pinedale Stage Marco Rivest gave his Junior Musher from Kemmerer his Sled Ride, as he missed it during the ceremonial Start last Friday in Jackson, as the roads were closed due to impassable winter conditions. Big smiles all around! Even better, instead of sitting in the sled as at the ceremonial start, he got to ride his own sled!

Today sees us heading back up to the Upper Green River Trailhead for a second time. Monday saw temperatures of 30 below here in Pinedale coupled with some pretty strong windchills. This morning we sit at 0F. Much friendlier. Matter of fact it is supposed to warm up into the 20th F above in the afternoon. Very different conditions than 3 days ago. In other words….. typical Wyoming weather. 3 more days of intense racing!

The overall Standings here: