Pinedale Stage

The local meet & greet at the Sublette County Library is always well attended by locals and race fans alike. Some coming from neighboring towns.

The Pinedale stage will start Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at 9 AM at the Upper Green River Cora Parking Lot. The 27-mile drive can take as long as 1 hour but today bluebird skies say 45 minutes should do.

With an unexpected rest day in Big Piney/ Marbleton, the day before it may change some strategies a bit but not likely.

Will Lina rebound?  Will others make their move? Could we see a complete out of nowhere Stage winner?  I feel it’s about time to put your best move out there.  This Stage can be a good place to get ahead or fold. It all depends on the weather and trail conditions. Most teams should have plenty in the tank. I know of very few dogs that are out but not for more than a couple days.

The trail starts out flat to rolling for about 10 miles then has three sets of climbs that are a real workout. Along with ten miles of rolling but at high altitude where the wind or sun can slow a team down. Then winding down to the sage flats and by this time the wind usually picks up often making the trail hard to find. This is a truly challenging course that can make or break your run!

In my opinion, based on what I’ve seen so far my picks for the Pinedale stage would be 1 – Alix, 2 – Bruce, 3 – Lina, 4 – Jeff, 5 – JR, 6 – Dave, 7 – Austin, 8 – Dennis, 9 – Greta, 10 – Jerry. Nothing personal here just what I see. Of course…I could be wrong!