Pre Race Interview with Donny Poulin from The Pas Manitoba

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans:

This interview with Donny Poulin is audio only, sorry about that. Will definitely try to get Donny live and in color once we meet down in Jackson in 2 weeks.

This is Donny’s first time at the Stage Stop. It’s not surprising that Donny began mushing when he was four years old. His dad, Brian, started running dogs in the early 70s, his mother, Jackie, grew up with sled dogs, in fact, the 6-dog race in Pas is named after her father, Jack McPhail. Donny has raced in The Pas World Championships 29 times. His best finish was third place, and he’s won the Manitoba championship 12 times. He also raced the Harold McLeod championship in Cross Lake more than 20 times, finishing second last winter. “I’ve wanted to race in Wyoming for many years, and this year I’m doing it!”