Pre Race Interviews with Maria, Guy, Jake and Chris. Stage 3, Kemmerer

Here we are! Stage 3 already. Another sunny beautiful Wyoming day. Most southern Stage. Jerry Bath caught up with a few mushers Pre Stage. Jerry himself is in a ” road race ” to find internet, upload videos then race back to the Staging area!

First up Maria Torgerson, running her 2nd Stage Stop Race:


Next up, Jake Robinson. He hails from Memidji Minnesota. This is his 1st time at the Pedigree Stage Stop Race:


Chris Adkins, a Stage Stop regular. After an Iditarod career, he now prefers to sleep in a real bed at night:


And here Jerry is catching up with a jovial Guy Girard From Quebec Canada. There are a whopping total 7 teams of Quebec Canada in the 2021 Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Running fast dogs, seems to well and alive in that Canadian Province: