Q & A withPedigree® Stage Stop Race Musher Allan Berge

Here a short Q&A with Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Musher Allan Berge who hails from Glenrock Wyoming.



How many times have you run the Stage Stop? 1

Best finish? Finished last, but 2 other mushers scratched during the 2019 race.

Why do you run it? Because of the dogs, the town people that support us and its a home state race.

Which is your favorite Stage? Why? Toss up between Big Piney and Lander, my dog team and I love the twisty mountain trails.

Photo credit- Clairey Sasser Grubbs

Thoughts about the shorter Distances? Opens it up to more mushers to participate and train.

Evolvement of the race? Has evolved with the changes that the mushers have endured. Smaller kennels etc

What other races you run? Participate in local races to the western Rockies, Big Horn Sled Dog Challenge, American Dog Derby.

Photo credit- Clairey Sasser Grubbs

How many total dogs in training? 16

What distances do you train? 30+ miles

How many times per week? We train every other day, rest is important

How has training, snow situation been? Pretty good this year for mountains. Snow came in the first of October.

How many dogs from last year? All but a couple new additions

Age of team? 2.5 – 7 yrs. old.

Leaders? How many? Names? Bonzo, Katness, Kenai, Header, Trimbelle, Denali

How many males, females in team? Intact? 8 Males 6 Females All intact

What are you feeding? Distance Dog Food – Fish formula.

What is your goal for this year? To finish respectively with dogs all sound and healthy.

What are you consciously changing from last year? Nothing.