Returning Champion Lina Streeper

By: Jerry Bath

The returning Pedigree Stage Stop Champion is anxious to defend her title. Lina is part of team Streeper Kennels in Fort Nelson, B.C. Canada. they are the most winning kennel in Stage Stop history.

Team Streeper arrived in West Yellowstone, Montana January 16th. and really feels the early arrival benefits the team in the final preparations.

They train all year long with free running and real conditioning beginning when the temperature cools a bit, usually October 1st. There mileage goal they aim for is 50 miles two to three weeks before the race. When they arrived in West Yellowstone they started with 9 miles and will likely do 20 mile runs before the race.

Fort nelson has seen great conditions for training this yeayr with good storms in November making the transition to sleds an easy one. The usual cold snap during the holidays didn’t slow them a bit.

It took them 3 days of traveling and 1,500 miles to get here.

Lina is excited to get racing and says the dogs are feeling great.