Rusty Wilsey

Rusty is from Pinedale, WY a short 1 1/2 hours from the race start in Jackson. Training was hit and miss early on as he had a very warm fall even into December. The days were in the mid to upper 50’s. There seems to have been a lack of winter and he would get snow then it would melt and with training in the evenings after work he had to miss quite a few days early on as the wet roads would freeze into dangerous trails for dogs feet. With the lack of snow he was forced to do most of his training through mid December on an atv.  Rusty was able to get on a sled with snowmachine support late December and bumped up milage pretty fast. I am very excited to be running Eukanuba Classsic 8 Dog Race.  This will be the kennels second running and Rustys first. They have put a lot of time and good breeding to get where they are now.

The Days before the race He is putting in a couple of 12 mile runs on the dogs just to keep them stretched out.

Welcome to Jackson Rusty!