School Talk and training time, Chris Adkins in Driggs

Hello Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Fans. The days prior to race start ( Friday Jan 31st ) are filled with last training runs and also giving back to the communities. Light snow fell in the area over night which made for great training conditions. Before heading over to Driggs Elementary school Chris Adkins went on a training run in Teton Village. Look at all that fresh snow!

Visiting local schools is a lot of fun. The dogs steal the show. Now remember, these dogs are usually most comfortable in front of a sled in the wilderness. Visiting with a big group of kids is not their normal environment, specially not inside a gymnasium with a slippery floor. Chris’s dog ” John Henry ” took the challenge in stride. Matter of fact he loved the kids, and they loved him. Happy smiles all around.

Here a great video Shannon Miller of took during this mornings training run: