Tears, laughs, and pride was the theme at last nights closing banquet.

This year’s Champion  Lina Streeper rounded out the speeches of gratitude and sincerity that only people that have attended a Stage Stop banquet can understand. JR and Dennis received the sportsmanship award, excepting it with the usual Sage Stop (nothing everyone else would have done attitude). Race Assistant Manager-Secretary-wonder woman Dianna Lehm received the coveted  Old Stager award that is given out to a person who exemplifies the passion this race has in spades. Dianna is the glue that holds us all together. No other race that I have ever been to is run with such professionalism and executed with precision as in a sin-phony by only a few select individuals. A true work of art.

A new award was presented to an exceptional dog with 10 straight Stage Stop appearances (Sedona) of Magnusson Racing- Bruce and Monica Magnusson. Sedona also still shows that same drive and determination that makes this race what it has become. Sedona is in no way ready for retirement and I’m sure it tugged on the Magnusson’s hearts not to bring her this year. She could have done it no doubt but with so many fine young dogs needing the experience, it could not have been an easy decision.

A final mushers wrap up was held after the event with many musher comments on how can we share this (magical mushing experience) with others out there who are on the fence about attending this race. We all wholeheartedly welcome you all to be a part of our family.