Startline Videos from Alpine

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans.

Jerry has zoomed back to the Hotel to upload a few videos from the Start line. Enjoy:

Diane Marquis leaving the Chute in Alpine as no 17:


Doug Butler from Vermont leaving the chute in Alpine as no 20:


Lina Streeper from Fort Nelson Canada, flying around the corner Day 1 Alpine as no 8:

Elliot Rivest from Quebec Canada, for his 2nd run in the Stage Stop, leaving number 11:


And here Gwenn Bogart of Boulder Wyoming, number 14:

Ed Stielstra from Mc Millian Michigan in his 1st Stage Stop, leaving no 19:

Past 2 time Champion Anny Malo from Quebec leaving 4th:


Laura Neese from Michigan, who talked Ed Stielstra into running, leaving 18th, Alpine Stage