The Final Stage

The final leg of the 23rd annual Pedigree Stage Stop is complete. Finishing on a new trail at Lower Slide Lake that had high marks by all so hopefully, we will return next year. Bruce Magnusson finishes a strong first place followed by Alix, Dave, Lina and Greta all a minute apart. Jeff Conn had another good run with JR and Austin 29 seconds apart. Dennis, Laura, Jerry, and Chris all spaced apart fairly evenly.

Lina Streeper once again wins the overall title by a decent margin of 22 minutes. Dave (2nd) 4 minutes ahead of Bruce (3rd) then Alix (4th) another 13 minutes behind Bruce. Jeff (5th) 11 minutes behind Alix. JR (6th) then Greta (7th) only eight minutes apart. Followed By Dennis (8th) 5 minutes back. Then was Austin 1 minute down with his best finish yet in 9th overall. Jerry (10th), Laura (11th) and Chris (12th) all finished strong.

As another year comes to a close we all laugh, joke and say our final goodbyes at the final banquet. Some will meet at other races and others say (see you next year.)

I’m quite sure on the ride home we all will be making plans for next year. I know I will.
Keep logging in as I will be posting pictures, videos and more in the days to come.