Travel Day 6, Videos with Grant Beck, Anny Malo, Cathy Rivest

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

Today was a non racing day for Mushers and Dogs. Throughout the day everybody relocated to Alpine. Some Mushers travel with more than their race dogs on the truck, like Anny Malo, Lina Streeper and Ryan Beaber. And those extra dogs need training too, so even on the off days, those Mushers are running dogs. We had a nice Pizza Dinner here in Alpine with 3 Junior Mushers organized by Stage Chairpersons Angela and Robert Kinn.

Also an important part of the Pedigree Stage Stop are school Presentations. Grant Beck from Yellowknife went to Afton Elementary School to present to various school groups. And with Mushers having a bit more time on their Hans, Jerry and I caught up with Anny Malo, Cathy and Marco Rivest:

Let these videos do the talking: