Vet Check in Jackson

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans,

Race day is here! Beautiful sunny skies, 15 below F and a slight north wind. Things are ramping up. Race C0-Founder Frank Tesley is busy this morning at his Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours taking out sponsors for dog- and Snowmachine rides. It was good to visit with him, after dropping off snow machines with trail boss Matt Redwine.


Downtown the Vet Check is happing as we speak. Not only is each dog microchipped, each of them will be checked by a team of 3 veterinarians per Team. Bodyscore, hydrations, heart and lungs will be checked, as well as range of motion and their feet. There dogs have many months of training behind them and the trick is to peak them performance wise for race time.

The vet check here in Jackson is also a public event for people to mingle with Mushers. Groups of school children arrive by bus. Only one block away, the trail is being prepared for tonight’s downtown start. Teams will leave in a double barrel chute in 2 minute intervals, each team carrying a junior Musher

Here some pictures: