Vet Check time in Jackson Hole

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

Friday morning traditionally is Vet Check time for the teams. A team of veterinarians lead by head Vet Dr. Veronica Devall and a group of Vet students is giving each dog a thorough check. Each team having a pools of 16 dogs, that is 240 dogs being checked this morning, or 960 doggy feet being looked at. There is a saying: No foot no dog. Many teams have had less than ideal training conditions. Several Mushers have hardly gotten any sled runs in, and instead had to stay on an ATV or side by side almost up until race time. Snow conditions are low here in Jackson too, so having a bit of fresh while fluff this morning is a welcome sight. With each trailhead being quite a bit higher in elevation, things are looking much better there, than here in town.

Here Dr. Monica Peacheco Duran explains what is being done during the pre race vet check: