Videos from Stage 5 South Pass Lander, Anny, Lina and Alix

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

it was a windy morning up on South Pass in Lander. And it must have been windy for much of the winter, as there is pretty low snow.

As most of you likely have seen, there were quite a few Facebook live video streams. For those of you not in FB world ( does that still exist? ), here a few videos Jerry Bath took from the starting line. First up Fort Nelson’s Lina Streeper:


Next up Anny Malo wearing the yellow bib, after having the fastest time yesterday, last team out of the Chute. On the way back at about 19 she had already passed Lina Streeper. Look at those dogs drive….


Wyoming Home State favorite Alix Crittenden, currently running solidly in 6th positions. She is driving dogs for Race Founder Frank Teasley.