Where do we sit after Stage 6 in Driggs?

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans.

Snow and Wind was the name of the game in Driggs today. Trail were not as fast as in previous stages, which seems to be not that uncommon for the Driggs Stage. Overall average speeds are in the mid 13 mph range as opposed to high 14 mph we saw in Kemmerer or Big Piney.  Thirteen and a half mile is still pretty darn quick, specially considering the climbs in this run. Position wise not much changed, but some races within the race are getting closer:

  • Anny Malo widened here lead over Lina Streeper by 40 seconds to an overall lead of 14 min 40 seconds.
  • Erick Laforce and JR Anderson are separated by 9 minutes after 180 miles of racing for 3rd and 4th place.
  • Diane Marquis from Quebec in solid 5th place.
  • Alix Crittenden for sure has to look over here shoulder for Maria Torgerson tomorrow. Maria, currently 7th, has been gaining steadily and is now only 4 min and 44 seconds behind 6th place.
  • Elliot Rives 8th, Thad Mc Cracken 9th and
  • Austin Fornery is rounding out the Top 10.

One more Stage to go, on a new trail! There was great Facebook Live coverage from the Start, along the trail, Warren Palfrey from the Turn Around loop and Jerry Bath once again documenting the finish. It is sure nice to have good cell coverage.