#14 Gwenn Bogart

14 — Gwenn Bogart from Boulder, Wyoming.
Age 63.

Gwenn started mushing in 2012 as a trainer in Alaska. Her dream to compete in the Iditarod was fulfilled in 2015. About 350 miles into the event she was on a 120 mile leg when the temperature reached -64F.  “My dogs said they’d had enough, and I agreed.” Now, she and her husband David live in Boulder, Wyoming, and have a 24-dog kennel, Sage Huskies. Gwenn has also been a professional fly fishing instructor, and in 1997 cofounded Casting for Recovery (www.castingforrecovery.org), a breast cancer support group, based in Bozeman, Montana, that uses fly fishing for mental and physical healing. Gwenn and David live in a yurt with three wolfhounds, two border collies, and a wiener dog named Frank.