Bill Hastings

#22 Brett Barrett

22 — Ben Barrett from Middlebury, Vermont.
Age 21.

Straight out of high school in 2016 Ben learned to dogsled at a tour kennel in the Canadian Arctic where he fell in love with the sport. In 2017, he trained and raced dogs with Doug Butler. The pair mostly work out on 4-wheelers and carts, and travel into the Green Mountains or Adirondack Mountains for snow. Last year, Ben helped found Cobble Hill Kennel, a dogsled tour company in Middlebury Vermont. Ben has extensive experience working with teams of 16 dogs but has limited race experience because most races in New England were cancelled the past few winters because of poor weather. Ben is excited to step up his game, and experience mushing at the highest level at the 2020 Pedigree Stage Stop Race

#20 Grant Beck

20 — Grant Beck, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Age 70.

Grant Beck started out his love of dog mushing as a young boy traveling by dog team on his trap line. Having this connection with the dogs, he developed a successful racing career as a young man, and then a businessman with a flourishing tourism company that provided dog sled rides under the natural beauty of the Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife. Grant’s racing career has afforded him the opportunity to compete in races in Europe and across North America, of which he states, “the Wyoming Stage Stop Race and the Canadian Championship Dog Derby are most memorable.”

#19 Elliot Rivest

19 — Elliot Rivest from St-Zénon, Québec, Canada.
Age 15.

Elliot is a student living in a family of a mushers, literally. He began mushing when he was four years old. He’s raced in many junior races on his family’s numerous trips around Canada and North America. “I did my first adult race at the 2018 Eagle Lake Sled Dog Races in Maine” writes Rivest, who was joined by his father, brother and mother, all of whom also raced in the 30-mile event. “I take care of the dogs, handle and train them with my family.” Elliot took 2ndt place last year in the 2019 Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic. This will be his first year competing in the Pedigree Stage Stage Stop.

#18 Maria Torgerson

18 — Maria Torgerson from Red Lodge, Montana.
Age 17.

A second generation musher from Red Lodge, Montana, Maria Torgerson was raised from a baby in the sled to a teen on the runners. Her love for the dogs’ passion has driven her to find a way back to mushing after her dad, David Torgerson, retired from the sport. Maria took first place at the 2019 Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic. 2020 will be her first year competing in the Pedigree Stage Stop Race where she will showcase the innovative dog sled she built and hopes it will change the sport. “I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received, specifically from the Streeper Kennel. I hope to make the best of this incredible opportunity.”

#17 Colby Evensen

17 — Colby Evensen from Willow, Alaska
Age 19.

Colby Evensen is a 19-year old Rookie from Willow, Alaska. Five years ago, he got interested in mushing when he began taking care of dogs for Alpha Kennels. He soon began training dogs and fell in love with the sport. Colby’s motto is “finish the race without dropping the hook.” When not running dogs, he’s a construction worker who enjoys fishing, hunting and playing guitar. Colby took 21st place at the 2019 Fur Rondy. Held every February in Anchorage during the Fur Rendezvous winter festival, it’s known locally as Fur Rondy or just “Rondy.”

#16 Rachael Scordis

16 — Rachael Scordis from Bend, Oregon.
Age 34.

Rachael is a multisport athlete. She’s raced Canicross (running a lead dog strapped to her waist) in Italy and in South Africa, the 2011 Femundløpet in Norway, and the Iditarod four times. As a 15 year old, Rachael raced the Wyoming Stage Stop. She’s a USA National Champion in road racing and finished top 5 on the indoor track in sprint racing. She’s raced in the World Road Championship in Montreal, and in the Tour de Belgium finishing in the top ten. Rachael is mother to 4-year old Julien. Her husband Nick is an Olympic Training Center certified bike mechanic and now builds dog sleds.

#15 Michael Shane Goosen

15 — Michael Shane Goosen from Piedmont, South Dakota.
Age 66.

Michael’s online application states, “I read a paperback book during my senior year of high school called the Torcher Trail. It was about the Great Alaska Sweepstakes Race which ran from Nome to Candle and back.” After graduation he moved to Anchorage from Colorado Springs to pursue his dream of racing sled dogs. In 1973, Michael ran his first open class with six dogs he’d gathered from the streets and alleys in Anchorage. He’s raced sprints, mid-distance, and long-distance races all over Alaska, Canada, and Wyoming. In 2014, he moved to South Dakota and maintains a kennel of thirty sled dogs.

#14 JR Anderson

14 — JR Anderson from Buyck, Minnesota.
Age 40.

A native Minnesotan, JR Anderson has dedicated over 20 years to the sport of endurance canines. Through research, extensive training, and competitive racing, he’s developed a keen knowledge of the canine’s ability to perform at accelerated levels. He and wife, Anna ‘Chapman’ Anderson, own River Rock Kennel in Buyck, Minnesota. When not racing dogs, JR can be found playing with his daughter Sara and son Eli.

#13 Dennis LaBoda

13 — Dennis LaBoda from Hovland, Minnesota.
Age 61.

Sled dogs were a neighborhood activity for Dennis when he was growing up in Minnesota. His older brother, Dale, started mushing as a teenager and raced IPSSSDR in the early years of our event. Following in his brother’s “footsteps in the snow,” Dennis started mushing as a teenager and, in 1973, won the Minnesota State Championship 5-dog class with dogs supplied by Chuck Gould. He’s won many races in North and South America, and has been a race official in Europe. Mushing has been a family activity. He and his son, Charlie, train and race Nighttrain Racing Sled Dogs.

#11 Rachel Courtney

11 — Rachel Courtney from Caliento, Manitoba, Canada.
Age 27.

In 2011, Rachel moved to Canada from her native Germany to handle for a musher — she says “that’s when I knew that this was the lifestyle I wanted. Soon after that I met my husband, Serge.” In 2013, they started their own kennel and have been racing all across Canada ever since. Rachel placed sixth overall in the 2019 Pedigree Stage Stop Race. “Last year was my first time racing the Stage Stop and I absolutely loved it! — the people, the communities, the organization, the sponsors, and the vets — just everything about this event. And the best part is that I learned so much in that short week of racing.”

#10 Linda Pierce

10 — Linda Pierce from Okanogen, Washington.
Age 61.

Linda Pierce, retired law enforcement, began running dogs in 2011 starting with two dogs to skijor. Her kennel has grown to a total of 22 dogs comprised of hounds, Alaskan huskies and a recent litter of five hound/Alaskan husky crosses. Linda spends her winters training in Seeley Lake, Montana. She has greatly enjoyed the camaraderie and family atmosphere of the Wyoming Stage Race. “From the community involvement to the Junior mushers to the day to day organization and professionalism, this is a fantastic event that calls me back each year.”

#9 Allan Berge

9 — Allan Berge from GLENROCK, WYOMING.
Age 47.

Allan and his wife, Tabby, began mushing in 1998 with rescue Siberian Huskies mentored by their beloved and late, Pam Dunn. In time, their whole family began racing Alaskan Huskies and race line Siberian Huskies (specifically the Seppala lines) from local sprints to long distance races like the Seeley 200. Now, as “empty nesters,” Allan and Tabby are focused on raising and racing purebred Siberian Huskies in open-class, long-distance events. Allan says he “looks forward to building his team, and competing with top-notch mushers in events that put the dogs’ care and well-being first.”

#8 Alix Crittenden

8— Alix Crittenden Bondurant, Wyoming.
Age 32.

Alix and husband Sam own and operate Sleeping Indian Outfitters in Bondurant, Wyoming where they guide horseback, fishing, and hunting trips. Alix runs the team for Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dogs and thanks her sponsor Frank Teasley and the entire JHI crew as well as all the race officials and volunteers of the Stage Stop for their commitment and tireless efforts to make this the best race ever. Alix gives a special thanks to her dogs “for always being the best they can be. This race is our big goal for the year and we look forward to traveling and competing with our Stage Stop family every year!”

#7 Fernando Ramirez

7— Fernando Ramirez from Peoa, Utah.
Age 34.

Fernando and his wife Dana co-own and operate Rancho Luna Lobos, a rescue, touring and racing kennel in Peoa, Utah. Fernando has raced since his days in elementary school, starting with six Siberian huskies. He and Dana are racing for their non-profit called Sledding For Hope. The main focus of their non-profit is to provide shoes, clothing, food and educational supplies for the children of Jalpa, Zacatecas, Mexico, the village of Fernando’s family. All their winnings will go toward Sledding for Hope. “I’m really looking forward to coming back and having an amazing time with the Pedigree Family!!”

#6 Anny Malo

6 — Anny Malo from Quebec, Canada.
Age 48.

Last year was a winning year for Anny Malo taking first place at the 2019 Pedigree Stage Stop Race, the 2019 The Pas World Championship Dog Race in Manitoba, and the 2019 Cross Lake Trappers Festival Race in Manitoba. When she’s not competing, Anny is a biologist, Executive Director and owner of Bio-Forest Management Rivest with her husband, Marco. She holds the honor of being the first female to win the Copper Dog 150, taking first place in 2017 and second place in 2018. Anny is also the first female to win the 2018 Cross Lake Trappers Festival Race in Manitoba.

#5 Jeff Conn

5 — Jeff Conn from Ester, Alaska.
Age 67.

Dr. Jeff Conn, formerly a research agronomist with USDA, is now a full-time dog musher. After retiring in 2012, he decided to run the Wyoming Stage Stop and says “that was a great learning experience and was a foundation for better performances in subsequent races.” Last year, Jeff finished fourth overall in his sixth running of the Stage Stop. He keeps coming back to the race “because of the magnificent scenery, camaraderie between mushers, the quality of veterinarian care and advice, and the excellent organization of the race.” Jeff and his wife, Sarah, have a kennel of 40 sled dogs in Ester, Alaska.

#4 Tim Thiessen

4— Tim Thiessen from Leadville, Colorado.
Age 36.

Tim’s passion for dog sledding began in 2003 when he was hired to work for a Breckenridge, Colorado dog sled tour company. He then put together his own team of Alaskan Huskies and competed in local races. He caught the “Stage Race bug” at the 2018 Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic, which lead him to run last year’s Stage Stop. Tim and fiancé Natalie share their high altitude homestead in the Mosquito Range of Central Colorado with twenty-three dogs, two cats, a flock of chickens and some ducks. “I look forward to the challenges of training for this race and I’m excited to take part in this esteemed event.”

#3 Chris Adkins

3 — Chris Adkins from Sand Coulee, Montana.
Age 51.

Chris is a lumberyard worker who operates a 40-dog kennel. He’s been running dogs since he was a four-year-old working with his dad’s team. As a boy he competed in dog races in Alaska. Since then, he’s entered the Iditarod which he describes as his “great accomplishment so far.” This will be Chris’ sixth time running the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Supported by Kaye Ward, AZ; BJ Schuler, AL; Johnson Madison Lumber, MT; and Thiemans Meats, ID. “The beautiful trails of Wyoming and the people associated with the race keep bringing us back!”

#2 Austin Forney

2 — Austin Forney from Leadville, Colorado.
Age 38.

Austin was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. He currently lives and trains at elevation 10,152 ft. in Leadville, Colorado. He traded horses for dogs in 2006 and has been chasing his dog mushing dreams ever since, and he thanks all of his friends and family for their continued love and support. Austin says that he and his two handlers, Rich and Ben, are “excited to spend another year in Wyoming with all of the amazing people of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race.” This marks Austin’s fifth consecutive year at the Stage Stop Race. “See you in Jackson!”

#1 Lina Streeper

1 — Lina Streeper from Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
Age 35.

Lina grew up in a small community in northern Sweden and became fascinated with sled dogs at a young age. After moving to Canada in 2007, she focused on professional sled dog racing and has become a part of “the famous mushing dynasty” known as Streeper Kennels. She and husband, Buddy Streeper, own and operate Streeper Kennels in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. They have two wonderful daughters, 9-year-old Alva and 7-year-old Clara. In her online race application, Lina states “I love dogs and I love Wyoming. I’m excited to come back for the 25th anniversary race!”