#23 Ryan Beaber

23 — Ryan Beaber from Lily, Wisconsin.
Age 47.

Ryan is a custom home builder who started running dogs as a hobby, and then turned to competitive racing in 2016. It was a good way to build strong bonds with his children who have travelled to races in Tahquamenon Falls, Apostle Islands, Bear Grease, Gunflint, Midnight run and Copperdog.  Now, all three daughters race, too. Finally, a year ago he found 63 acres attached to many more thousands of acres to train and run the dogs. “Several mentors including Bruce Magnusson and Lloyd Gilbertson have taught us so much about training, feeding, care, racing and the responsibilities sled dog racing entails. I have been told by several mushers this race is a must and a great learning experience and I am looking forward to enjoying every minute of it.”