Pre-Race Information

Interview with Ryan Beaber post Lander Stage

Posted 02-04-2021 at 10:38 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, last night we caught up with Ryan Beaber, hailing from Lily Wisconsin. He had already driven from Lander to Alpine , where he was planning to stay for the night. Ryan has moved up in gradually in the Standings, after finishing 24th in Alpine, 18th in Pinedale, 14the… Read more »

Pre-Race Videos

Posted 01-25-2019 at 5:16 pm

Linda Pierce Live In Afton!

Posted at 8:18 am

Linda Pierce from Okanagen, Washington enjoyed a fun afternoon with the kids of Afton Elementary School yesterday. “The young audience of students ages 6 and 7 asked lots great questions,” says Linda, a retired law enforcement officer. “Of course the expected question ‘what happens if they have to poop during the race?’ did come up.”… Read more »

Austin Forney Live In Swan Valley!

Posted at 8:15 am

Austin Forney of Leaville, Colorado and crew started their day in Swan Valley, Idaho yesterday giving a lively presentation to the entire school of Preschool – 8th grade students. Jr. Musher Sonora Lundquist (green coat, purple hat riding on the sled) attends this school and will be racing tonight in Jackson with Greta Thurston. They… Read more »

Double Presentation To Driggs Elementary School Today

Posted 01-24-2019 at 4:11 pm

Pedigree Stage Stop Competitors Austin Forney and Alexandra Rochat presented in tandem to over 300 grade school students in Driggs, Idaho this afternoon. Principal Allen Carter said that the classrooms of third graders (teachers Denise Huff, Claire Thompson, and Lindsay Cosgrove), second graders (teachers Whitney Milton, Amy Bagley, Jennifer Davis, and Wendy Starkey), first graders… Read more »

Entertaining And Informative Chris Adkins In Driggs, Idaho

Posted at 8:03 am

Chris Adkins fielded questions from an eager group of almost 300 students at Rendezvous Upper Elementary school in Driggs, Idaho January 23 — 4th graders of teachers Anderson, Giallonardo, Reece, White, Nicholson, and Young; and 5th graders of teachers Christensen, Donnelly, Gusa, Hansen, Meyer, and Ozburn from Rendezvous Upper Elementary. Adkins delivered informative and entertaining… Read more »

Stage Stop Competitor Crittenden Dazzles Pinedale Students

Posted 01-23-2019 at 12:54 pm

Four of Pinedale’s childcare centers (The REAL Center, Pinedale Preschool, BOCES Early Childhood Education Program, and Pinedale Discover Center) came together last Friday, January 18th for a presentation with Alix Crittenden. Students were given Pedigree swag (bandannas) and hands-on experience with sled dogs. Crittenden answered questions and kept a lively conversation with her young audience…. Read more »

Stage Stop Competitor Jeff Conn Presents In Pindale

Posted at 12:53 pm

Jeff Conn of Ester, Alaska presented in Pinedale on January 21st. Mrs. Lutz’ Kindergarten group and the 3rd grade classrooms of Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Terrell, Ms. James, Mrs. Morss, and Mrs. Rigo gathered for Jeff’s presentation. Kindergarten student Hayden Williams (a Jr. Musher to Jeff Conn) as well as 3rd grader Maggie Williams (Jr. Musher… Read more »