Off to the races: Pedigree Stage Stop Race starts in Jackson

Commentary by Jerry Bath


Well, we’ve made it through the ceremonial start of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race in Jackson this evening with probably the nicest weather I have ever seen for the kick-off at 21 degrees for the 6:30 PM start.  All 25 teams and Junior Mushers had smooth safe runs.  As usual the town of Jackson really rolled out the red carpet by hauling in clean snow for the short trek to Snow King Mountain Resort where they were met by their handlers and a cheering crowd.  Too many volunteers to list helped everything go as smoothly as possible.

The start was followed by a nice fireworks display to kick off the starting of the 24th year. Wow, has it really been that long?

We made the drive to Alpine this evening and will be ready to report about the trail conditions for tomorrow’s race before first light.  Tomorrow is the day that 35 teams have been training and planning for, some since last year.  Now it’s time to roll the dice and show their stuff.  It’s guaranteed to be exciting with this many top-notch teams and too many variables to list.

Come on out or stay tuned to this Web site or our Facebook page with hopefully live streaming of tomorrow’s start and interviews with mushers’ thoughts and opinions.  See ya tomorrow!