One last time: Day 7, Teton County, WY

Commentary by Jerry Bath


Clouds, snow, and wind set the tone early for the final stage of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race today at Lower Slide Lake, and kept it up all day.  No live feed was available so the best we could do was to get a few starts and finishes on video.

The stage summed up what stage racing can be like:  Simply unbelievable.

Anny Malo stayed strong to win the overall title and will be crowned champion of the 2019 Pedigree Stage Stop Race at the awards banquet tonight.  Stay tuned for the final banquet results later on.

Lina Steeper came back with a mission to take the Yellow Bib and the top money today after going the wrong way yesterday.  She finished first for the stage, followed by David Torgerson, Érick Laforce, Jeff Conn, and Alix Crittenden rounding out today’s top five.

Several positions were fairly locked in coming in to the stage, just as long as you just kept your cool for the coveted overall positions.  Many moved up and some fell off.

Anyone that finished this race has accomplished something simply spectacular to say the least.

Following Anny in the overall standings are Emilie Entrikin, Alix Crittenden, Jeff Conn, Dave Torgerson, Rachel Courtney, Richard Beck, Lina Streeper, Bruce Magnusson, and JR Anderson to round out the top 10.

All of the other mushers showed their grit and determination with pride and total class acts making them Stage Stop royalty and part of the family, hands down.

So many unique stories and friendships were started anew or rekindled with a passion that’s hard to describe. Once you’re hooked into this group of passionate mushers it’s hard to explain.

Cloud 9 is what it means to be a Pedigree Stage Stop Race finisher. Kudos to all!