Rest day allows chance to relax and recuperate


Commentary by Jerry Bath

Pedigree Stage Stop Race mushers, handlers, dogs, and race staff are relaxing with a rest day today before the furious race to the finish.  This break in race action can be done for several reasons.  It brings us back around to the finish line this weekend in Teton County, WY, where we started last Friday and gives the mushers less time traveling in the dark rushing to get to the next stage’s evening activities.  Plus it’s approximately 4-5 hours at least travel time from Lander to Driggs, ID, where stage 6 starts tomorrow.  Also, anyone towing a trailer can’t go over Teton Pass and will have to loop around via Alpine.  So, we as an organization try to coordinate the stages to make this race run as smooth as possible logistically.

This rest day also gives the mushers a chance to give a little extra dog care. Stretching out the legs, massages, laser treatments, chiropractic adjustments, and all-around pamper time. Plus the handlers get to help the mushers get back in the right space physically and mentally, making it a true team effort by all along the way.

Remember, the Pedigree Stage Stop Race is all about the dogs and their well-being. This matches right up with the uniqueness of using the pool of dogs in this race format plus the outstanding level of dog care both by the mushers and our amazing team of veterinarians.

Tomorrow, Feb. 1, the race resumes in Driggs, ID.  Don’t miss any of the action in what is shaping up to be the race of the decade.  Follow along on this Web site, and on our Facebook and YouTube pages as we bring you updates as soon as we are able.  Better yet, come out to Driggs and see our world-class teams strut their stuff.

In the meantime here’s a little driving music to get you to the next stage, provided by Screen Door Porch – Aaron Davis.  Enjoy.

Sled Dogs by Aaron Davis