Stage 2: Pinedale predictions


Commentary by Jerry Bath


This Pinedale course has been a make-or-break in the past.  Could it be again?

Current race leader Erick Laforce took the lead at Alpine on Saturday with a time only 49 seconds ahead of last year’s champion Lina Streeper, with several others in the pack definitely on their heels.

The temperatures should be a bit colder Sunday morning but should be warming up a little more around noon with 18-mph winds forecast for most of the day.

It’s just such a different ballgame with all the new challengers and challenges combining to be anyone’s guess.

I had predicted in the earlier article Race predictions:  How fast will they run? that the Alpine stage winner would average 15.8 mph.  Laforce finished with a 15.5 average, so I guess I got lucky. I’m sticking my neck out again and saying that Pinedale’s winning average could be 15.2.

Weather and trail conditions will become the deciding factor for many teams.

One thing is for certain, with this new format of shorter distances and more competitors it doesn’t take long after the last musher leaves before the first one finishes.

Come on out Sunday morning to the Upper Green River trailhead, bring a friend, and see these world-class teams show their stuff.

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