Sunshine and fast trails: Kemmerer, day 3

Commentary by Jerry Bath

Allan Berge at the start

This race has changed and fast.  In the past the Kemmerer stage has always been known as a tough one, now it’s a speed track.  All mushers agree they love it.  The Wyoming state trail groomers were spot on with their grooming the night before as mushers want to buy them a prime-rib supper.

Taking back the yellow bib today was Erick Laforce, with force – but the first three times are a mere seconds apart with the rest of the pack in hot pursuit. Yesterday’s stage winner Anny Malo came in second with defending champ Lina Streeper finishing the leg in third.  This race has become a sport-changing event potentially elevating the sport of dog mushing to a whole new level.

Day 4 tomorrow in Big Piney I predict we will start to see a few races within the race. Take a look at the overall times and then split times when they become available and wow!  We have so many truly world-class mushers here at the Pedigree Stage Stop Race it’s hard to have a favorite.  Mushers Bruce Magnusson, Richard Beck, Tommy Bird, Justin Fortier, Alexandra Rochat, Fernando Ramirez, Tim Thiessen, and Chis Adkins are all advancing in the overall. The calculations are endless with what’s ahead so keep on your toes.

What a great bunch of professional mushers and race staff.  It’s just simply amazing to be a part of this race!  I can’t imagine a better place to be this week and I’m sure many of you would love to be here.


Vet Lannie Hamilton examines a dog

Snowman and bonfire