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#18 Rachel Courtney

18 — Rachel Courtney from Manitoba, Canada. Age 30. When she was ten years old in Mainburg, Germany, Rachel started mushing with her pet Siberian Husky, and was “immediately hooked on mushing.” Four years later she began bikejoring, riding a bike with a dog pulling. At 18, she came to Canada to learn more about the… Read more »

#17 Liz Thompson

17 — Liz Thompson from Saint Anthony, Idaho. Age 32. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Liz started mushing in 2011 with Luna Lobos Dog Sled Tours, then became a handler with Buddy and Terry Streeper for three seasons. “Although I’ve never had my own dogs, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from… Read more »

#22 Doug Butler

22 — Doug Butler from Middlebury, Vermont. Age 68. On his online application, Doug writes that he’s been a “dairy farmer since birth. Dairy farming and dog sled racing has been my whole life except for my family. I love my dogs, and I love racing.” Doug now raises beef cattle at his family farm… Read more »

#20 Dave Torgerson

20 — Dave Torgerson from Bozeman, Montana. Age 57. Since Dave started racing sled dogs in 1989, he’s racked up seven Stage Stop finishes. He paused racing to tend to the family and business aspects of life, but in 2017 returned to the runners behind a Streeper team at the Stage Stop and placed second. He… Read more »

#19 Lina Streeper

19 — Lina Streeper from Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Age 37. Lina started mushing sled dogs in Sweden with her cousin. After moving to Canada in 2007, she focused on professional sled dog racing, and has become an integral part of Streeper Kennels. She and husband, Buddy Streeper, own and operate Streeper Kennels in… Read more »

#16 Cathy Rivest

16 — Cathy Rivest from St-Paul-de-Joliette, Quebec, Canada. Age 46. Cathy began sledding as a twelve-year-old helping to run the family sled dog tour business. That tourist business quickly turned to competition — competitive sled dog racing. Cathy has raced sprint class, 4-dog and 6-dogs, and dryland. She’s been an active part of Quebec’s Provincial… Read more »

#18 Jules Struzyna

18 — Jules Struzyna from Williston, Vermont. Age 26. Jules was 16 years old when he began mushing at a tour kennel north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Seven years ago, while attending college in Vermont, Jules began training race teams with Doug Butler at Cobble Hill Kennel. The pair now run a tour business. In addition… Read more »

#15 Sarah Tarlton

15 — Sarah Tarlton from Mountain, Wisconsin. Age 43. Sarah grew up in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and at 19, moved to Wisconsin where she now lives. Ryan Beaber and his daughters introduced Sarah to running sled dogs six years ago. She says that she’s been “deeply involved ever since. My time with the dogs is… Read more »

#16 Grant Beck

16 — Grant Beck from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Age 72. Grant has been mushing dogs since he was a seven-year-old boy delivering groceries using a dog team in the remote village of Fort Resolution, NWT. By the time he was twelve, Grant was travelling into the bush with only his dog team, learning to… Read more »

#14 Anny Malo

14 — Anny Malo from St-Zenon, Quebec, Canada. Age 52. Not only has Anny competed in the Stage Stop the last four years (2019 – 2022), she’s won every single time. She’s a biologist, Executive Director, and owner of Bio-Forest Management Rivest with her husband, Marco. “I began mushing in 1995 when I met Marco…. Read more »

#13 Alix Crittenden

13 — Alix Crittenden from Bondurant, Wyoming. Age 35.  Alix began mushing in 2009 as a guide for Frank Teasley’s JHI Sled Dog Tours. She has since raced all over North America for several different kennels. She and her husband own and operate Sleeping Indian Outfitters in Bondurant, Wyoming which offers horseback riding and hunting… Read more »

#12 Donny Poulin

12 — Donny Poulin from The Pas, Manitoba, Canada. Age 48. This is Donny’s first time at the Stage Stop. It’s not surprising that Donny began mushing when he was four years old. His dad, Brian, started running dogs in the early 70s, his mother, Jackie, grew up with sled dogs, in fact, the 6-dog… Read more »

#11 Chris Adkins

11 — Chris Adkins from Sand Coulee, Montana. Age 54. Chris grew up running dogs, and attempted his first distance race, the Race To The Sky 500, at 21. He entered the stage race in 2010 as a training run for Iditarod and fell in love with the trails of Wyoming. Chris has raced in… Read more »

#10 Mike Bestgen

10— Mike Bestgen from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Age 64. After running long and mid distance races the last 23 years, Mike decided to take on the Stage Stop this year. “It has always been a goal to race this amazing race,” he wrote in his online application. Mike has worked for Miller Chevrolet in Rogers,… Read more »

#9 Michael Tetzner

9 — Michael Tetzner from Burg, Germany. Age 57. Michael began mushing in 1987 after watching a sled dog race in Germany. He started running Siberian Huskies and has been racing dogs all over the world. He’s an IFFS (International Federation of Sleddog Sports) world champion. Michael has traveled to Alaska for years to participate in… Read more »

#8 Austin Forney

8 — Austin Forney from Leadville, Colorado. Age 41. Austin has run the Stage Stop the last seven years. Born and raised on a cattle ranch in western Nebraska, he now lives and trains at 10,152 feet in Leadville, Colorado. Fifteen years ago, Austin switched his allegiance from cattle and horses to sled dogs and… Read more »

#7 Thad McCracken

7 — Thad McCracken from Mosier, Oregon. Age 49. During the 15 years that Thad has raced sled dogs he has steadily worked his way from 6-dog and 8-dog races to “open class”. He’s competed all over the lower 48 states, Alaska, and Canada. He’s run the Wyoming Stage Stop, Fur Rony, and “The Pas” World… Read more »

#6 Christina Gibson

6 — Christina Gibson from Carlton, Washington. Age 20. At age 12, Christina ran a dog for the very first time, then started building her own team a year later. She now owns Whiteout Racing Kennel, a professional race team, in Methow Valley, Washington. Christina is a professional dog trainer and social media marketer living in… Read more »