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Pedigree Stage Stop Race
1/31/2018 Day 4
30 Miles
Position Musher LeftPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
1219Lina Streeper0:33:002:35:342:02:3414.79:33
1026Dave Torgerson0:27:002:32:222:05:2214.49:30
11310Bruce Magnusson0:30:002:39:142:09:1413.99:27
942Alix Crittenden0:24:002:37:192:13:1913.59:24
455Greta Thurston0:09:002:26:392:17:3913.19:21
364Austin Forney0:06:002:26:442:20:4412.89:18
7713Dennis Laboda0:18:002:40:182:22:1812.69:15
688Jeff Conn0:15:002:37:392:22:3912.69:12
8914JR Anderson0:21:002:44:322:23:3212.59:09
21012Laura Daugereau0:03:002:27:592:24:5912.49:06
5111Jerry Scdoris0:12:002:55:052:43:05119:03
1123Chris Adkins0:00:003:03:203:03:209.89:00

Race Commentary and Updates: Stage 5: Lander

Remy Coste’s Race to lose Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-01-2024 at 9:07 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, The race crew had a wonderful dinner last night at Bear Den Restaurant and Bar in Pinedale, thank you to Katie and Randy Williams for your generosity. The drive back from Kemmerer to Pinedale was nothing short of spectacular, the pictures say it all. Stage 5 went once… Read more »

A look at Day 5 Kemmerer Stage by Jake Robinson Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-31-2024 at 5:15 pm

—It Don’t Take A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows— Barring something unforeseen Remy Coste will win this dog race. The performance of his program so far has been nothing short of amazing and defies a great deal of the conventional wisdom regarding capability, pace, race strategy, and many other things. Malo has… Read more »

Kemmerer Stage 5, here we come Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:07 am

Hi Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, Taco Night! We had a wonderful meal last night at the Kemmerer South Lincoln Training and Event Center. Once again the the fastest team will receive a beautiful fish fossil trophy for winning the 5th Stage. I was ( half ) joking with Anny Malo, that she better ”… Read more »

Daily Recap video from Pinedale Stage is online Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-02-2023 at 9:12 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans. After another long day of shooting and editing, Jordan Caskey just finished the daily recap video from the beautiful Pinedale Stage. Let me tell you…., the camera work on the trail can be challenging when it comes to equipment and cold. Those 2 do not mix well. Great job… Read more »

Pinedale Stage 5 ( Take 2 ). Anny Malo regains Yellow Bib Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 7:24 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, today in Pinedale saw racing at its best. Clear Skys, perfect temperatures at race start. And even once it did start warming up, there was a nice south breeze to cool down the dogs. The trail had already been groomed for Mondays originally planned stage. So with it getting… Read more »

Recap Kemmerer Stage 5 Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-02-2022 at 10:04 pm

SHAKIN’ THINGS UP! YELLOW BIB CHANGES HANDS TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. Two-time Stage Stop Champion Lina Streeper took the win today (she looks good in yellow) and took home the coveted fossilized fish award for winning the Kemmerer Stage. Three-time champ Anny Malo in 2nd for the day still holds her overall… Read more »

Kemmerer Stage 5, Trail Conditions as good as they get Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:28 pm

Howdy Stage Stop Race fans, the last time I was here, I did not see much of the Kemmerer trail, other than deep snow and whiteout conditions. Today: MUCH different. A trail as good as good can be. That really made for some really fast runtimes. Watching some of those teams stretch out was pretty… Read more »

Getting ready for Stage 5 in Kemmerer Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 7:00 am

Good Morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Stage 5 in Kemmerer. How did that happen? Did we not just have the ceremonial Start in Jackson? After a warm welcome here last night at the Lincoln Training and Event Centre Mushers were busy taking care of their teams, long into the night. 135 Miles of very… Read more »

2 More Interviews: Thad McCracken and Austin Forney Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-04-2021 at 8:35 pm

It is snowing lightly in Driggs. There is about 3 to 4 inches in the forecast. Last year it really dumped the night before the race. Thad McCracken is running in solid 9th place. Considering this is his 1st Stage Stop, him having a dismal training season with no snow most of the winter, and… Read more »

JR Anderson Dog Trailer setup Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 8:39 pm

Jerry Bath caught up with JR Anderson in Driggs. He is getting ready for tomorrow’s 6th Stage. JR gives a tour of his dog trailer. It is quite the setup. JR is having a great race. He is running incredible consistent split times during each stages run. Overall JR is sitting in 4th position:  

Interview with Alix Crittenden after the Lander Stage: Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 1:56 pm

Alix Crittenden is a homestate favorite from Bondurant Wyoming. She has advantage to be able to sleep at home during some of the stages. That is where I caught up with her today. She was getting ready to pack up the truck and head over to Driggs. She has been running a very consistent race,… Read more »

A look at Change in Standings after 5 days of racing Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 11:43 am

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Very ” low key ” bushman like keeping track of the change in standings during the first 5 Days of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Notably no changes in the Top 17 positions yesterday after Lander. Time will tell what happens tomorrow, during a potentially snowy Driggs. Anything can… Read more »

Stage 5 Lander, Post Race Analysis Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-03-2021 at 8:26 pm

Stage 5 in Lander has come to a conclusion. Some mushers have gone back to Jackson, others already headed over to Driggs. Lina Streeper called to report it snowing hard over there. The race crew gets to regroup as well for day. Today we were fortunate to have good cellphone coverage, even on the trail…. Read more »

Stage 5, Videos from South Pass Lander: Ryan, Bruce, Tim and Guy Girard Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:26 pm

And here some more videos. First up Ryan Beaber from Lily Wisconsin. He has been improving in the standings very steadily from Day one, where he finished 24th in Alpine to all the way 9th place yesterday in Big Piney:   Bruce Magnusson from Newberry Michigan. Here for his 16th run. He is running a… Read more »

Videos from Stage 5 South Pass Lander, Anny, Lina and Alix Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:17 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, it was a windy morning up on South Pass in Lander. And it must have been windy for much of the winter, as there is pretty low snow. As most of you likely have seen, there were quite a few Facebook live video streams. For those of you not… Read more »

Daily Videos from Angelos Media Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 12:18 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, the Lander Stage ( up on South Pass ) has pretty decent cellphone coverage. There were several live videos done from the Staging area and along the trail on Facebook.  They give pretty good visuals of the teams moving down the trail. Check them out on the Pedigree Stage… Read more »