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Joshua Miltier

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #10 — Joshua Miltier from Boulder, Colorado. Josh is currently a student at Colorado University in Boulder CO and serving in the US Army. He carries on the tradition of dogsledding from his father, Jesse Miltier, who has been racing for decades. Josh started out at a young age training and running… Read more »

Elliot Rivest

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #9 — Elliot Rivest from St-Zénon, Québec, Canada. Elliot is a student living in a family of a mushers, literally. He began mushing when he was four years old. He’s raced in many junior races on his family’s numerous trips around Canada and North America. “I did my first adult race last… Read more »

Geneva Ann Lyon

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #8 — Geneva Ann Lyon from Brightwood, Oregon. Geneva Lyon (pronounced je-NEE-vuh LY-awn) says that she’s “always loved dogs and all animals.” Born and raised in Oregon, she grew up snowboarding, then got into skijoring, and fell in love with driving a dog team. She and her husband Tim, stepson Dillon, and… Read more »

Stephen Peterson

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #7 — Stephen Peterson from Backus, Minnesota. Stephen Peterson began sled dog racing in 1998 at the age of 23. His first sled dog race was the Third Crossing Sled Dog Rendezvous in Frazze, Minnesota which Stephen says “was a wonderful learning experience.” Since then, he’s traveled all over the United States… Read more »

Christina Gibson

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #6 — Christina Gibson from Carlton, Washington. Christina, 17, became interested in mushing at the age of four. After seeing the animated movie “Balto,” she decided she wanted to run and win the Iditarod! She ran a dog for the first time at the age of twelve, and a year later began… Read more »

Keith Hayes- Withdrew

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #5 — Keith Hayes from Parks, Arizona. Keith lives in a small rural town outside Flagstaff, Arizona bordering the Kaibab National Forest with his girlfriend, 13 Alaskan Huskies, as well as several other animals including goats, chickens and a pig. Almost all of his training is dryland which means winter travel to… Read more »

Charmayne Morrison

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #4 — Charmayne Morrison from Polson, Montana. Charmayne, age 17, began mushing as an 8th grade project in her Advanced Studies Class and was hooked! This will be her fifth season racing and her first time running the Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic. This winter she is training out of Anduril Kennels (Rob and… Read more »

Becky Englert

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #3 — Becky Englert from Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Becky and her family live on a ranch in southern Wyoming. Although she didn’t start running dogs until 2009, Becky’s passion for sled dogs and horses started when she was a child. She, her husband Travis and two children live on a Wyoming cow/calf… Read more »

Jordan Hillock

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #2 — Jordan Hillock from Minersville, Utah. He’s 28 years old, the Owner /Operator of Hillock Sales Consulting, and began mushing in 2014 with Chris Adkins. While running sled dog tours in Park City, Utah he began to get more and more interested in sled dog racing. After a few years of… Read more »

Maria Torgerson

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP #1 — Maria Torgerson from Red Lodge, Montana. She’s 16 years old and grew up in a small cabin in the woods outside of Helena, Montana. Maria writes in her race application biography that her only companions growing up were 15 retired racing Alaskan Huskies. Maria was riding in a dog sled… Read more »