2022 Commentary & Updates

Pictures from the Banquet and final words from Jerry Bath Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-06-2022 at 8:37 am

ANNY MALO NOW 4 TIME WINNER OF THE STAGE STOP. Commentary by Jerry Bath Anny Malo from St-Zenon, Quebec took first place for the fourth consecutive year with a cumulative overall time of 15 hours, 11 minutes and 17 seconds. What an amazing feat! And by the same kennel that finished 3rd with a team driven by Stage Stop… Read more »

7th and final Stage in Driggs Idaho Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-05-2022 at 2:52 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans. And it’s a wrap. All Mushers have returned to the finish line from the 7th Stage in Driggs Idaho. The Top 4 Positions saw no changes. Anny Malo who was the reigning Champion, won here 4th Pedigree Stage Stop Race. She is the first person ever, to win 4… Read more »

Getting ready for the final Stage in Driggs Idaho Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 5:59 am

FINAL STAGE #7 — GOOD MORNING DRIGGS, IDAHO. Commentary by Jerry Bath As we find ourselves entering the last leg of the 2022 Pedigree Stage Stop Race it’s packed with bittersweet emotions for all. However, it’s still a race and anything’s possible. Defending 3-time champion Anny Malo has a commanding lead of 20 minutes. Lina… Read more »

Videos from Day 6 Alpine Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-04-2022 at 3:58 pm

Howdy Stage Stop Race fans, here are a couple of videos from after the Alpine Stage. First one, Jerry Bath doing an analysis, then Dave Torgerson talking about his 2nd place finish and of course each talking to Anny and Lina.

Getting ready for Stage 6 in Alpine Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:40 am

WAKE’N’SHAKE! Commentary by Jerry Bath With only two days left, it’s time to kick any problems you have to the curb and play your best hand. Here’s what I see: mostly sunny with only -2 deg F and warming to the 20,s by finish time — it’s almost perfect weather. However, the sun at these… Read more »

Travel Day 6, Videos with Grant Beck, Anny Malo, Cathy Rivest Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-03-2022 at 9:31 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, Today was a non racing day for Mushers and Dogs. Throughout the day everybody relocated to Alpine. Some Mushers travel with more than their race dogs on the truck, like Anny Malo, Lina Streeper and Ryan Beaber. And those extra dogs need training too, so even on the off… Read more »

Recap Kemmerer Stage 5 Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-02-2022 at 10:04 pm

SHAKIN’ THINGS UP! YELLOW BIB CHANGES HANDS TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. Two-time Stage Stop Champion Lina Streeper took the win today (she looks good in yellow) and took home the coveted fossilized fish award for winning the Kemmerer Stage. Three-time champ Anny Malo in 2nd for the day still holds her overall… Read more »

Kemmerer Stage 5, Trail Conditions as good as they get Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:28 pm

Howdy Stage Stop Race fans, the last time I was here, I did not see much of the Kemmerer trail, other than deep snow and whiteout conditions. Today: MUCH different. A trail as good as good can be. That really made for some really fast runtimes. Watching some of those teams stretch out was pretty… Read more »

Getting ready for Stage 5 in Kemmerer Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 7:00 am

Good Morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Stage 5 in Kemmerer. How did that happen? Did we not just have the ceremonial Start in Jackson? After a warm welcome here last night at the Lincoln Training and Event Centre Mushers were busy taking care of their teams, long into the night. 135 Miles of very… Read more »

Stage 4 Interview with Jake Robinson and Anny Malo Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-01-2022 at 7:17 pm

Good evening Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Tonight we were invited to the South Lincoln Event and Training Centre in Kemmerer to a very nice taco dinner! That is one of the major parts of this race, that we get to interact with local communities. After dinner race Marshal Warren Palfrey go the 23 Mushers… Read more »

Big Piney – Marbleton, videos from the trail Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 3:07 pm

Howdy Stage Stop Race Fans, It is always a bit of a fine line getting footage and pictures from the trail. For one, we like to show these beautiful teams. On the other hand we have to be cautious to not be in the way trying to get that footage. Here are some videos from… Read more »

Anny Malo wins 4th Stage in Big Piney – Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:43 pm

Hello Pedigree Stagstop Race fans, Anny Malo wins the 4th Stage today in Big Piney Marbleton. With that she has solidified her lead over runner up ( and 2 time Champion ) Lina Streeper to 18 minutes. When the teams came by Mile 13.4 on the outbound trail, Anny had already caught up to Lina… Read more »

Getting ready for Stage 4 in Big Piney-Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:38 am

Good Morning Stage Stop Race Fans, We had a great welcome dinner here in Big Piney-Marbleton. 4 Junior Mushers came on stage and talked about their experience of riding the sled during the Ceremonial Start in Jackson on Friday night. The Dutch oven desserts are a huge hit! Here is what Jerry Bath had to… Read more »

Windy Day 3 in Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-31-2022 at 6:21 am

Howdy Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Stage 3 in Pinedale is in the books. An interesting day it was. Talking to the Mushers after this stage was for sure entertaining. It was a very windy and snowy run. When we took the Snowmachine out on the trail, there further we got, the more the weather… Read more »

Pindale Day 3, Video from the trail Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 12:08 pm

Howdy, Quick update from the trail. Wind and snow was the name of the game today on the Pinedale trail. At Mile 15 Race Leaders Anny Malo and Lina Streeper had kept very similar runtime. Here a video from the trail:

Day 3, Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:31 am

Good morning Stage Stop Race Fans. Teams are headed to the Upper Green Valley Parking lot for a second time. Yesterdays stage was run there, instead of Lander, due to snow conditions. Only the first part of the trail, in the flats, will be the same as yesterday, then Mushers will climb to above 9000… Read more »

Pinedale very nice meet and greet and pictures from Day 2 in Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-30-2022 at 7:14 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, this afternoon we were treated to a very nice meet and greet here by our friends in Pinedale organized by lead teacher Katie Williams and her husband Randy. This morning they handed out some great goodie bags to all of the Mushers and Race Personal. It is the welcoming… Read more »

A look at the standings after Day 2 in Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:34 pm

Howdy Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. What a day for a Dog Race. Pretty much perfect conditions here in Pinedale. A cold morning followed by a great sunny day. Most Mushers were very pleased with their runs. I am in the process of uploading 80 pictures from today, that is taking a while….., will post… Read more »

Stage 2 Videos from the trail Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:30 pm

What a day. After the morning starting out with a 10 mph north breeze at 4F, it did not take long for the temperatures to climb. Most Mushers were very pleased with their teams performance today. The reverse starting order has the slowest team leave first, which was Geneva Lyon. With that, there is a… Read more »

Pinedale, Stage 2 Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:10 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans from Pinedale, It is not going to be near as cold yesterday, we are currently sitting at plus 4 F ( about minus 16 C ). And todays highs are supposed to creek up to the freezing mark by the afternoon under sunny skies. Todays trail is about… Read more »

Anny Malo and Lina Streeper post stage 1 Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-29-2022 at 8:08 pm

Day 1 is in the books. Perfect conditions with fantastic views. I asked the defending Champion Anny Malo and runner Up Lina Streeper how their runs went. One had a more smooth run than the other. I also caught up with Alix Crittenden and Austin Forney    

Review of day 1 by Rookie Christina Gibson Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:32 pm

DAY1 is on the books. And a beautiful one it was: Here is the take on the day NY Rookie Christina Gibson and Race Judge Laura Daugerau:  

A couple of pre race interviews from Blackrock Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 8:31 am

Sitting at the Blackrock Ranger Station for some uploading. Unfortunately not enough cell coverage at race site for live Start streaming.  

First Stage, Teton County. Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 4:53 am

Howdy Stage Stop Race Fans. Here we go! The first real Stage, in Teton County at Blackrock. This stage was run last year in 2021 for the first time. It was the last of the stages. Erick Laforce had the fastest time with 1:55.56.  The second fastest time had Anny Malo at 1:56.36 and the… Read more »

3 hours until game time Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-28-2022 at 3:41 pm

Here we go! It is game time! 3 hours to go! 24 Mushers are ready to hit the trail at 6.30 p.m. from the townsquare in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Tune in for a Facebook live feed.

Vet Check done, Musher meeting next Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 1:45 pm

Howdy Stage Stop Race fans, things are getting temporarily quite in the Deloney Parking lot. The Vet checks have finished and up next is the Mushers meeting. It has been fun catching up with the various Mushers. Grant Beck made the treck all the way from Yellowknife. Travel has not necessarily gone smooth, he had… Read more »

Vet Check in Jackson Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 10:22 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, Race day is here! Beautiful sunny skies, 15 below F and a slight north wind. Things are ramping up. Race C0-Founder Frank Tesley is busy this morning at his Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours taking out sponsors for dog- and Snowmachine rides. It was good to visit… Read more »

Anny and Marco loose dropping their dogs Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-27-2022 at 5:22 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, Here is a short clip of Anny Malo and Marco Rivest loose dropping their team. It is pretty impressive to watch how quiet and well behaved their group of dogs are:

Jackson Elementary School visits Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 10:24 am

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, Over the past several days many Stage Stop Mushers have visited different schools throughout the State of Wyoming. This morning it was a local affair, here at Jackson Elementary School in downtown Jackson. 3 Large dog trucks and trailers were parked outside. Anny Malo, Cathy Rivest, Jake Robinson and… Read more »

Catching up with Hans Gatt and Fernando Ramirez in Jackson Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 8:54 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, On my way to school presentations I caught up with Fernando Ramirez and Hans Gatt, who are both staying at the Super 8 Motel here in Jackson Wyoming. 5 below F this morning and I am sure glad Hans has brought my winter cloths from the Yukon. Here… Read more »

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