Pedigree Stage Stop Race   
2/5/2021 Stage 6
29 Miles
Start OrderPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
2314Anny Malo1:06:003:15:372:09:3713.410:06
2028Lina Streeper0:57:003:07:172:10:1713.410:03
2137JR Anderson1:00:003:14:212:14:2113.010:00
22421Erick Laforce1:03:003:18:532:15:5312.89:57
18510Maria Torgerson0:51:003:07:282:16:2812.89:54
1761Alix Crittenden0:48:003:04:352:16:3512.79:51
19717Diane Marquis0:54:003:10:472:16:4712.79:48
15816Thad McCracken0:42:003:01:312:19:3112.19:45
16911Elliot Rivest0:45:003:06:262:21:2612.39:42
10109Rafael Nelson0:27:002:53:592:26:5911.89:39
12112Austin Forney0:33:003:01:312:28:3111.79:36
131223Ryan Beaber0:36:003:04:382:28:3811.79:33
11136Bruce Magnusson0:30:002:59:252:29:2511.69:30
6143Tim Thiessen0:15:002:47:122:32:1211.49:27
141512Jake Robinson0:39:003:13:172:34:1711.39:24
91622Guy Girard0:24:003:01:542:37:5411.09:21
81720Doug Butler0:21:003:00:432:39:4310.99:18
41818Laura Neese0:09:002:50:062:41:0610.89:15
51913Randy Dekuiper0:12:002:53:382:41:3810.89:12
32014Gwenn Bogart0:06:002:50:162:44:1610.69:09
72119Ed Steilstra0:18:003:06:382:48:3810.39:06
22224Ben Barrett0:03:003:09:443:06:449.39:03
1235Chris Adkins0:00:003:08:093:08:099.39:00
Pedigree Stage Stop Race           
Cumulative Overall Time
PositionBib #MusherAlpine Day 1Pinedale Day 2Kemmerer Day 3Big Piney Day 4Lander Day 5Driggs Day 6Teton County Day 7Overall Time
14Anny Malo2:03:152:14:362:01:442:21:031:55:432:09:370:00:0012:45:58
28Lina Streeper2:02:442:16:122:05:292:24:312:01:342:10:170:00:0013:00:47
321Erick Laforce2:12:462:24:222:01:092:29:591:56:372:15:530:00:0013:20:46
47JR Anderson2:16:562:23:312:06:262:27:442:00:502:14:210:00:0013:29:48
517Diane Marquis2:07:482:21:462:07:042:38:392:03:152:16:470:00:0013:35:19
61Alix Crittenden2:16:042:29:542:09:532:40:042:06:012:16:350:00:0013:58:31
710Maria Torgerson2:15:162:36:492:15:172:35:262:03:592:16:280:00:0014:03:15
811Elliot Rivest2:37:292:31:132:12:362:35:112:06:432:21:260:00:0014:24:38
916Thad McCracken2:22:452:34:502:22:562:46:352:10:312:19:310:00:0014:37:08
102Austin Forney2:30:212:32:132:21:042:45:542:20:482:28:310:00:0014:58:51
116Bruce Magnusson2:58:312:31:212:10:082:47:282:21:082:29:250:00:0015:18:01
1212Jake Robinson2:27:132:46:422:24:442:48:132:19:102:34:170:00:0015:20:19
1322Guy Girard2:28:052:34:572:23:053:05:012:23:022:37:540:00:0015:32:04
1420Doug Butler2:40:482:42:382:18:242:49:242:26:462:39:430:00:0015:37:43
159Rafael Nelson2:45:023:02:082:27:152:46:212:22:572:26:590:00:0015:50:42
1623Ryan Beaber3:26:542:53:432:24:052:45:542:20:052:28:380:00:0016:19:19
173Tim Thiessen2:55:053:00:012:39:372:57:482:31:142:32:120:00:0016:35:57
1813Randy Dekuiper2:58:372:55:152:35:332:57:082:31:412:41:380:00:0016:39:52
1914Gwenn Bogart3:08:342:43:152:38:422:57:002:40:472:44:160:00:0016:52:34
2019Ed Steilstra3:20:132:50:332:30:063:16:422:30:242:48:380:00:0017:16:36
2118Laura Neese3:00:003:04:172:41:313:18:192:35:532:41:060:00:0017:21:06
2224Ben Barrett2:56:483:00:172:43:303:28:002:55:423:06:440:00:0018:11:01
235Chris Adkins3:11:303:20:482:46:113:19:012:57:343:08:090:00:0018:43:13
WD15Ken Chezik2:26:092:46:060:00:000:00:000:00:000:00:000:00:00WD

Race Commentary and Updates: 2021 Driggs

After the Driggs Stage, we caught up with Lina Steeper and Maria Torgerson Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-05-2021 at 8:18 pm

Good evening Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. To conclude the day, we had a chat with both Mushers running dogs from the STREEPER KENNEL Lina Streeper sits in solid 2nd place. Here is what she had to say:   Maria Torgerson running in her 2nd full Stage Stop Race has been steadily climbing up the ranks. While… Read more »

Where do we sit after Stage 6 in Driggs? Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 7:28 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Snow and Wind was the name of the game in Driggs today. Trail were not as fast as in previous stages, which seems to be not that uncommon for the Driggs Stage. Overall average speeds are in the mid 13 mph range as opposed to high 14 mph we… Read more »

More pre stage Interviews from Driggs Idaho: Tim Thiessen, Lina Streeper and Austin Forney Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 9:57 am

Tim Thiessen from Leadville Colorado feels right at home in these snowy conditions. Tim is currently in 18th position after the first 5 Stages:   Lina Streeper from Fort Nelson in BC. She has won the race twice and was the runner up last year. Currently she is in 2nd position overall:   Austin Forney… Read more »

Pre Stage Interviews in Driggs Idaho, Anny Malo, Thad McCracken Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 9:48 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, Wet snow, 20F and high winds up on Top. The teams are parking in a new parking lot, a little further up the trail That makes staging teams easier. It cuts off a little mileage from the trail, total miles 29. Here a few pre race Interviews, first… Read more »

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