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      2/2/2018 Day 6    
32 Miles
Position Musher Left Position Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPH
1123Chris Adkins00.1487152777780.1487152777788.9656782629
7114Austin Forney0.01250.1406944444440.12819444444410.4008667389
6101Jerry Scdoris0.01041666666670.1374537037040.12703703703710.4956268222
5913Dennis Laboda0.008333333333330.1339351851850.12560185185210.6155547365
2812Laura Daugereau0.002083333333330.1242939814810.12221064814810.9101240648
878Jeff Conn0.01458333333330.1304398148150.11585648148111.5084915085
3614JR Anderson0.004166666666670.1181365740740.11396990740711.6989946177
10510Bruce Magnusson0.018750.1320023148150.11325231481511.7731221257
445Greta Thurston0.006250.1183912037040.11214120370411.8897719063
1136Dave Torgerson0.02083333333330.1270717592590.10623842592612.5503867524
922Alix Crittenden0.01666666666670.1226388888890.10597222222212.5819134993
1219Lina Streeper0.02291666666670.1269791666670.104062512.8128128128

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  Commentary by Jerry Bath   Pedigree Stage Stop Race Stage 7, Teton County WY Feb. 2, 2019  

One last time: Day 7, Teton County, WY Sarah Lederle

Posted 02-02-2019 at 3:49 pm

Commentary by Jerry Bath   Clouds, snow, and wind set the tone early for the final stage of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race today at Lower Slide Lake, and kept it up all day.  No live feed was available so the best we could do was to get a few starts and finishes on video…. Read more »

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