Stage 2: Driggs Idaho
Pedigree® Stage Stop Race

Eukanuba Stage Stop Sled Dog Race          
1/30/2016 Day 1
32 miles
Start OrderFinish PositionBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time# dogs started# dogs finished
515Buddy Streeper0:12:003:13:523:01:5210.69:36
13213Gerry Willomitzer0:36:003:43:383:07:3810.29:33
434Alex Stegmann0:09:003:17:283:08:2810.29:30
12412JR Anderson 0:33:003:44:463:11:4610.09:27
656Jerry Bath0:15:003:28:183:13:189.99:24
767Bruce Magnusson0:18:003:31:513:13:519.99:21
272Jeff Conn0:03:003:19:023:16:029.89:18
989Dennis Laboda0:24:003:51:593:27:599.29:15
11911Emilie Entrikin0:30:004:06:253:36:258.99:12
8108Al Borak 0:21:004:01:503:40:508.79:09
1111Jerry Scdoris0:00:003:47:343:47:348.49:06
101210Chris Adkins0:27:004:38:404:11:407.69:03
3133Austin Forney0:06:004:36:244:30:247.19:00

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Race Commentary and Updates: Stage 2: Driggs Idaho

What We Learned In Stage 1 and What To Look For In Stage 2 Jake berkowitz

Posted 01-28-2017 at 10:19 pm

What We Learned In Stage 1 and What To Look For In Stage 2 The Pedigree Stage Stop offers Mushers 7 different timed stages ranging from 32 miles  to 52 miles spread out over 8 days. The race offers day money for the Top 10 teams as well as the majority of the purse being reserved… Read more »

What Is Everyone Driving? Jake berkowitz

Posted at 10:29 pm

What Is Everyone Driving?   The Pedigree Stage Stop Race can be won or lost in a matter of seconds and although everyone knows it’s the dogs in front of the sled that are the backbone of this sport, the sled that they are pulling can make a huge difference as well.   In the… Read more »

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