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Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race – Driggs

1/28/2017 – 32 miles

Start OrderFinish PositionBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
919Lina Streeper0:24:002:43:192:19:1913.89:39
727Bruce Magnusson0:18:002:37:592:19:5913.79:36
11311JR AndersonåÊ0:30:002:52:062:22:0613.59:33
10410Jerry Bath0:27:002:49:082:22:0813.59:30
858Dave Torgerson0:21:002:43:222:22:2213.59:27
363Jeff Conn0:06:002:32:562:26:5613.19:24
13713Dennis Laboda0:36:003:06:022:30:0212.89:21
12812Frank Moe0:33:003:06:062:33:0612.59:18
191Alix Crittenden0:00:002:33:292:33:2912.59:15
6106Laura Daugerau0:15:002:56:022:41:0211.99:12
2112Jerry Scdoris0:03:002:44:532:41:5311.99:09
5125Austin Forney0:12:002:57:222:45:2211.69:06
141314Jeff Adkins0:39:003:57:143:18:149.79:03
4144Chris Adkins0:09:003:29:183:20:189.69:00

Race Commentary and Updates: Stage 1: Driggs

Taking a look at the Standings after the Pinedale Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-31-2021 at 10:12 pm

Taking a look at the 2nd Stage in Pinedale: Some teams moved up a lot in the overall standings, where others did not have as good of a run, as they had hoped:  

Interview with JR Anderson after the Pinedale Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 11:11 am

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, We caught up with JR Anderson from Buyck Minnesota after the Pinedale Stage. He has been running this race since 2005, only missing 2009. He has plenty of experience and had an excellent run today. See the full interview here:

Day 2 in Alpine, lot’s of position shuffling: Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 5:00 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans; Day 2 in Pinedale is in the books. Conditions could not have been much nicer and all teams finished the race. There was quite a bit of position shuffling going on. Some teams, who finished in the last third of the race moved way up in standings, where some… Read more »

Thad McCracken and Anny Malo finishing the 2nd Stage in Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:28 pm

Thad McCracken getting back into Pinedale in perfect conditions:   And here Anny Malo flying into the Finish line in Pinedale:

Diane Marquis loping into the finish line in Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:26 pm

Impressive to see those dogs of Diane Marquis loping into the finish line in Pinedale 35 miles later:  

Anny Malo is chasing the yellow Bib in Pinedale: Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:14 pm

Here Anny Malo is talking about her Pinedale run, specially about her main leader John Deere:   Anny was pleased with how fast of a course it was today:  

Lina Streeper talking pre Pinedale Stage, and JR post Pinedale Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:11 pm

Interview with Lina Streeper pre Alpine Stage: ” I like wearing that yellow bib “. Time will tell , if she was able to defend it. At the 27 Mile mark, Anny Malo had made 10 seconds on Lina More here:   Catching up with JR Anderson post Pinedale Stage:  

Videos from Stage 2 Pinedale, Maria, JR Anderson, Diane Marquis Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 1:49 pm

Look at those beautiful conditions! What a difference from the snowy day yesterday. Pinedale at its best: 1st up Maria Torgerson   And here JR Anderson. From taking split times at Mile 27, he had an excellent run today JR again:   And Diane Marquis. She was the 21st team out today in Pinedale after… Read more »

A short video of Lina Streeper Pinedale Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 11:39 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, with the Pinedale having a bit different trail, we are lucky to have a bit more cellphone reception. Jerry Bath caught her short after the start:  

Good morning from the Pinedale Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 11:34 am

Good morning race fans were here at the upper Green River Lakes Trail head headwaters the green river monsters are staging with a full moon in the background clear skies -8°F today’s going to be an interesting day excellent nice hard pack trail who is going to make a statement today who’s going to hold… Read more »

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