Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race – Big Piney / Marbleton


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Pedigree Stage Stop Race        
Big Piney/Marbleton
1/29/2019 Stage 4
35 Miles
Position Musher LeftPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
22117Lina Streeper1:03:003:22:092:19:0915.110:09
23220Anny Malo1:06:003:30:472:24:4714.510:06
24315Erick Laforce1:09:003:34:412:25:4114.410:03
1442Alix Crittenden0:39:003:07:502:28:5014.110:00
1257JR Anderson0:33:003:08:552:35:5513.59:57
15619David Torgerson0:42:003:17:592:35:5913.59:54
17724Tommy Bird0:48:003:24:132:36:1313.49:51
18825Richard Beck0:51:003:28:242:37:2413.49:48
16921Rachel Courtney0:45:003:22:382:37:3813.49:45
191023Emilie Entrikin0:54:003:33:252:39:2513.29:42
201113Bruce Magnusson0:57:003:37:172:40:1713.19:39
211211Jeff Conn1:00:003:41:332:41:3313.09:36
111318Dennis LaBoda0:30:003:16:502:46:5012.69:33
9141Austin Forney0:24:003:13:282:49:2812.49:30
13155Justin Fortier0:36:003:26:472:50:4712.39:27
71614Greta Thurston0:18:003:10:312:52:3112.29:24
8178Fernando Ramirez0:21:003:18:112:57:1111.99:21
6189Laura Daugereau0:15:003:17:393:02:3911.59:18
10196Alexandra Rochat0:27:003:33:413:06:4111.29:15
42016Katherine Scheck0:09:003:19:553:10:5511.09:12
32110Chris Adkins0:06:003:17:323:11:3211.09:09
52222Tim Thiessen0:12:003:25:403:13:4010.89:06
2234Linda Pierce0:03:003:18:213:15:2110.79:03
12412Allan Berge0:00:003:17:083:17:0810.79:00

Race Commentary and Updates: 2019 Big Piney Marbleton

The mood shifts: Big Piney, day 4 Sarah Lederle

Posted 01-29-2019 at 11:13 pm

Commentary by Jerry Bath Stage 4 in Big Piney, WY, today was greeted by another bluebird Wyoming morning.  I’m not sure this is really the Pedigree Stage Stop Race as I can’t remember ever having such nice weather – not hot but very comfortable. Could it have been the heat? The hills? Something is shifting… Read more »

Big Piney split times 2019 Sarah Lederle

Posted at 10:33 pm

Commentary by Jerry Bath      

Pinedale Jerry Bath

Posted 01-30-2018 at 11:14 pm

By: Jerry Bath What a perfect day to be on the runners. Overcast with gusty wind and 25-35 degrees. I’m sure you have read the results as this post is a bit late. Lots to do before my hometown Lander race. At this point in the game, the races within the race are forming but… Read more »

Pinedale Stage Jerry Bath

Posted 01-29-2018 at 8:10 pm

The local meet & greet at the Sublette County Library is always well attended by locals and race fans alike. Some coming from neighboring towns. The Pinedale stage will start Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at 9 AM at the Upper Green River Cora Parking Lot. The 27-mile drive can take as long as 1 hour… Read more »

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