Big Piney/Marbleton
2/4/2020 Stage 4
35 Miles
Start OrderPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
1711Lina Streeper0:48:003:08:492:20:4914.99:51
1826Anny Malo0:51:003:13:502:22:5014.79:48
1638Alix Crittenden0:45:003:12:402:27:4014.39:45
15411Rachel Courtney0:42:003:14:322:32:3213.89:42
11512JR Anderson0:30:003:04:442:34:4413.69:39
1065Jeff Conn0:27:003:03:402:36:4013.49:36
8718Bruce Magnusson0:21:002:58:562:37:5613.39:33
1482Austin Forney0:39:003:19:132:40:1313.19:30
12913Rafael Nelson0:33:003:14:002:41:0013.09:27
131014Maria Torgerson0:36:003:19:252:43:2512.99:24
91115Elliot Rivest0:24:003:16:532:52:5312.19:21
6124Tim Thiessen0:15:003:12:072:57:0711.99:18
5137Fernando Ramirez0:12:003:16:293:04:2911.49:15
71416Doug Butler0:18:003:32:353:14:3510.89:12
4153Chris Adkins0:09:003:51:133:42:139.59:09
31610Linda Pierce0:06:003:48:553:42:559.49:06
1179Allan Berge0:00:003:45:233:45:239.39:03
21817Ben Barrett0:03:004:43:044:40:047.59:00
Pedigree Stage Stop Race
Cumulative Overall Time
PositionBib #MusherAlpine Day 1Pinedale Day 2Kemmerer Day 3Big Piney Day 4Lander Day 5Driggs Day 6Teton County Day 7Overall Time
16Anny Malo1:43:592:22:462:04:502:22:500:00:000:00:000:00:008:34:25
21Lina Streeper1:46:122:24:232:07:402:20:490:00:000:00:000:00:008:39:04
38Alix Crittenden1:52:082:30:452:09:522:27:400:00:000:00:000:00:009:00:25
411Rachel Courtney1:51:402:29:562:11:272:32:320:00:000:00:000:00:009:05:35
55Jeff Conn1:48:572:27:562:25:432:36:400:00:000:00:000:00:009:19:16
618Bruce Magnusson1:52:552:29:592:27:002:37:560:00:000:00:000:00:009:27:50
72Austin Forney1:55:142:35:462:17:052:40:130:00:000:00:000:00:009:28:18
814Maria Torgerson1:58:522:33:302:17:292:43:250:00:000:00:000:00:009:33:16
912JR Anderson1:59:322:40:382:24:212:34:440:00:000:00:000:00:009:39:15
1013Rafael Nelson2:01:422:42:032:22:062:41:000:00:000:00:000:00:009:46:51
1115Elliot Rivest2:00:242:49:562:26:522:52:530:00:000:00:000:00:0010:10:05
1216Doug Butler1:59:022:50:292:28:163:14:350:00:000:00:000:00:0010:32:22
134Tim Thiessen2:11:213:07:322:38:272:57:070:00:000:00:000:00:0010:54:27
147Fernando Ramirez2:08:332:59:542:49:463:04:290:00:000:00:000:00:0011:02:42
153Chris Adkins2:20:233:11:262:55:453:42:130:00:000:00:000:00:0012:09:47
1610Linda Pierce2:25:043:32:113:01:093:42:550:00:000:00:000:00:0012:41:19
1717Ben Barrett2:07:323:07:473:01:524:40:040:00:000:00:000:00:0012:57:15
189Allan Berge3:12:393:41:033:26:223:45:230:00:000:00:000:00:0014:05:27

Race Commentary and Updates: 2020 Big Piney Marbleton

Stage 4 – Besting the Best, by Jake Robinson Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-30-2024 at 5:01 pm

—Besting The Best— I’m sure I wasn’t the only race fan compulsively checking the Pedigree Stage Stop Race page for updates to see how the latest lap would unfold. Coste added another small margin to his overall lead and is now sitting 5 minutes and 1 second ahead of 5 time champion Anny Malo. With… Read more »

Stage 4 was a fast one, Strike 3 for Remy Coste Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 5:11 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Today the Big Piney – Marbleton Stage was run on the same trail in the Upper Green River Valley again. Yesterday Anny Malo commented on how she ran that leg faster than she ever had with 2.12.17. Well today she did it even faster yet in 2.09.58. With the… Read more »

Big Piney-Marbleton Stage 4 Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 5:11 am

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, dang time flies if you are having fun. Stage 4 already today. And what an exiting race this is shaping up to be. We all had a wonderful dinner in the Sothwest Sublette County Pioneer Senior Center. This dinner is a highlight of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race with… Read more »

Alix Crittenden won Kemmerer Stage 4 Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-01-2023 at 2:32 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans. tomorrow morning in Pinedale with Yellow Bib will change hands for the first time during the 2023 Race. Bondurants very own Alix Crittenden edged out Anny Malo Malo during todays 35 Mile Stage in Kemmerer. The average speed was a little shy of 14 mph with 13.6 mph average… Read more »

Some pictures from the Kemmerer Staging area Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 8:41 am

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. 20 minutes until the race start. Perfect conditions. Calm. right around 0F. Here some pictures from the staging area! Thank you Kemmerer folks for the warm welcome!  

Morning of Kemmerer Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:06 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, Last nights banquet at the South Lincoln Training and Events Center was a lot of fun. Great speeches by the Mushers. There are 16 Teams still in the race with Thad McCracken and Randy DeKuiper withdrawing. Anny Malo has a pretty solid 17 Minute 24 second lead. Yet… Read more »

Results from Big Piney – Marbleton Stage. Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-31-2023 at 2:57 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, todays stage in Big Piney – Marbleton started an hour later than usual. It was a pretty frigid morning in town with 30 below. When driving to the staging area temperatures thankfully rose to 8 below F. By the time the race start rolled around it had reached 0F…. Read more »

Morning from Big Piney- Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:46 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans. Big Piney-Marbleton is known to be the cold spot of Wyoming. This morning seems to live up to that with the thermometer showing 30 below F ( -35 C). The race start has been moved to 10 a.m. Time will tell if that is late enough, for it… Read more »

Big Piney-Marbleton Dutch oven dinner Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 01-30-2023 at 8:48 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans, we are going to go well fed into tomorrow’s stage. Once again the town of Big Piney – Marbleton rallied and really made us feel welcome with a wonderful dinner at the Southwest Sublette County Pioneers Senior Centre. We are looking at another cold night. It already is 30… Read more »

Stage 4 Interview with Jake Robinson and Anny Malo Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-01-2022 at 7:17 pm

Good evening Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Tonight we were invited to the South Lincoln Event and Training Centre in Kemmerer to a very nice taco dinner! That is one of the major parts of this race, that we get to interact with local communities. After dinner race Marshal Warren Palfrey go the 23 Mushers… Read more »

Big Piney – Marbleton, videos from the trail Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 3:07 pm

Howdy Stage Stop Race Fans, It is always a bit of a fine line getting footage and pictures from the trail. For one, we like to show these beautiful teams. On the other hand we have to be cautious to not be in the way trying to get that footage. Here are some videos from… Read more »

Anny Malo wins 4th Stage in Big Piney – Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:43 pm

Hello Pedigree Stagstop Race fans, Anny Malo wins the 4th Stage today in Big Piney Marbleton. With that she has solidified her lead over runner up ( and 2 time Champion ) Lina Streeper to 18 minutes. When the teams came by Mile 13.4 on the outbound trail, Anny had already caught up to Lina… Read more »

Getting ready for Stage 4 in Big Piney-Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:38 am

Good Morning Stage Stop Race Fans, We had a great welcome dinner here in Big Piney-Marbleton. 4 Junior Mushers came on stage and talked about their experience of riding the sled during the Ceremonial Start in Jackson on Friday night. The Dutch oven desserts are a huge hit! Here is what Jerry Bath had to… Read more »

Wrap of of Day 4, Big Piney Stage, Video of trail grooming on South Pass Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-02-2021 at 9:26 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans, Day 4 has come to a conclusion. Tomorrow morning in Lander we will see the yellow Bib change hands again. Erik Laforce had the privilege to wear it today and Anny Malo will get it back tomorrow. She is thus going to be the last team leaving the starting… Read more »

Jake Robinson and Ed Stielstra after the Big Piney Stage: Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 7:40 pm

Each evening we are trying to bring you some Musher Interviews. That is one neat thing about Zoom meetings. Even when not in one hotel, we can still can connect and talk with each other. Here what Jake Robinson and Ed Stielstra had to say tonight:

And a few out of sequence pre Big Piney Interviews Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 4:42 pm

Somehow I get the feeling that I did not get the coolest job this time around being; stuck on Yukon Island. I mean it is fun to be involved remotely. But I have been missing out on M&M’s galore. Never mind the concession trailer for lunch, then the Dutch oven desserts in Kemmerer. Now I… Read more »

JR Anderson on Big Piney Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 4:16 pm

JR Anderson has definitely made a reputation for himself, of mastering very steady runs. His split times are usually near perfect. While in past years he had to adjust his run style to older dogs in his team, this year he seems to have more depth in his group of dogs. Besides his own breeding,… Read more »

Diane Marquis Big Piney Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 3:56 pm

We sure had a fun interview with Diane Marquis, Anny Malo and Marco Rivest last night. They were sitting in their gooseneck trailer after taking care of the dogs. Diane has had excellent runs. The first 2 Days she finished in a very strong 3rd place each day. Yesterday she only ran dogs and came… Read more »

Ryan Beaber running his best Stage today in Big Piney – Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 3:31 pm

For some teams, it takes a little bit of time, to get into the groove of the Stage Stop Race. It looks like that is happening with Ryan Beaber ( pretty soon I am going to punch my laptop, if autocorrect changes it one more time to Beaver ) from from Lily Wisconsin. He finished… Read more »

Thad McCracken on the Big Piney Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:43 pm

Thad McCracken from Mosier Oregon is running his 1st Pedigree Stage Stop Race. And he is holding his own very well, specially considering the he has a small kennel. He also had very poor training conditions this year in Oregon and had to leave home early, to find some snow to train on in West… Read more »