Big Piney/Marbleton            
2/4/2020 Stage 4
35 Miles
Start OrderPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
1711Lina Streeper0:48:003:08:492:20:4914.99:51
1826Anny Malo0:51:003:13:502:22:5014.79:48
1638Alix Crittenden0:45:003:12:402:27:4014.39:45
15411Rachel Courtney0:42:003:14:322:32:3213.89:42
11512JR Anderson0:30:003:04:442:34:4413.69:39
1065Jeff Conn0:27:003:03:402:36:4013.49:36
8718Bruce Magnusson0:21:002:58:562:37:5613.39:33
1482Austin Forney0:39:003:19:132:40:1313.19:30
12913Rafael Nelson0:33:003:14:002:41:0013.09:27
131014Maria Torgerson0:36:003:19:252:43:2512.99:24
91115Elliot Rivest0:24:003:16:532:52:5312.19:21
6124Tim Thiessen0:15:003:12:072:57:0711.99:18
5137Fernando Ramirez0:12:003:16:293:04:2911.49:15
71416Doug Butler0:18:003:32:353:14:3510.89:12
4153Chris Adkins0:09:003:51:133:42:139.59:09
31610Linda Pierce0:06:003:48:553:42:559.49:06
1179Allan Berge0:00:003:45:233:45:239.39:03
21817Ben Barrett0:03:004:43:044:40:047.59:00
Pedigree Stage Stop Race
Cumulative Overall Time
PositionBib #MusherAlpine Day 1Pinedale Day 2Kemmerer Day 3Big Piney Day 4Lander Day 5Driggs Day 6Teton County Day 7Overall Time
16Anny Malo1:43:592:22:462:04:502:22:500:00:000:00:000:00:008:34:25
21Lina Streeper1:46:122:24:232:07:402:20:490:00:000:00:000:00:008:39:04
38Alix Crittenden1:52:082:30:452:09:522:27:400:00:000:00:000:00:009:00:25
411Rachel Courtney1:51:402:29:562:11:272:32:320:00:000:00:000:00:009:05:35
55Jeff Conn1:48:572:27:562:25:432:36:400:00:000:00:000:00:009:19:16
618Bruce Magnusson1:52:552:29:592:27:002:37:560:00:000:00:000:00:009:27:50
72Austin Forney1:55:142:35:462:17:052:40:130:00:000:00:000:00:009:28:18
814Maria Torgerson1:58:522:33:302:17:292:43:250:00:000:00:000:00:009:33:16
912JR Anderson1:59:322:40:382:24:212:34:440:00:000:00:000:00:009:39:15
1013Rafael Nelson2:01:422:42:032:22:062:41:000:00:000:00:000:00:009:46:51
1115Elliot Rivest2:00:242:49:562:26:522:52:530:00:000:00:000:00:0010:10:05
1216Doug Butler1:59:022:50:292:28:163:14:350:00:000:00:000:00:0010:32:22
134Tim Thiessen2:11:213:07:322:38:272:57:070:00:000:00:000:00:0010:54:27
147Fernando Ramirez2:08:332:59:542:49:463:04:290:00:000:00:000:00:0011:02:42
153Chris Adkins2:20:233:11:262:55:453:42:130:00:000:00:000:00:0012:09:47
1610Linda Pierce2:25:043:32:113:01:093:42:550:00:000:00:000:00:0012:41:19
1717Ben Barrett2:07:323:07:473:01:524:40:040:00:000:00:000:00:0012:57:15
189Allan Berge3:12:393:41:033:26:223:45:230:00:000:00:000:00:0014:05:27

Race Commentary and Updates: 2020 Big Piney Marbleton

Recap of Day 4, Big Piney / Marbleton Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-04-2020 at 9:48 pm

Hello Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Fans. Day 4 is a wrap. What a fun day this was. It started of cold in Big Piney. On the 45 minute drive to the Race Site we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Up high it was about 20F warmer than in town. The trail had set up… Read more »

Big Piney, 5 Pre Race Interviews Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 3:09 pm

The Mushers were in a good mood this morning, happy to talk. Who would not be on such a stellar day. Here is what Lina, Bruce, Anny, Rachel and Alix had to say: ( Time to hit the road to Lander, more updates to follow later today )

Big Piney/ Marbleton, 2 Top Teams, Lina Streeper, Anny Malo moving on the Trail Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 3:10 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. Here are 2 fun videos of the 2 Top Teams moving right along on the beautiful Trail in Big Piney / Marbleton. Trailboss Matt Redwine and his crew did stellar job with all that fresh snow from yesterday: First up, Lina Streeper at Mile 8.9 Second Up, Anny Malo… Read more »

First Impressions from Big Piney/Marbleton Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 1:18 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. What a stellar day to run dogs. The trail was excellent! It was cold, minus 26F in town this morning and minus 10F at the race start. Once the sun came up, it got warmer quickly. Yet it stayed perfect dog running temperature with only going up to 10… Read more »

Recap Day 3 and looking at Big Piney/Marbleton Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:37 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans from Big Piney. Dang, it is cold out, 15 below F. That is a big change from the 1st day of the race, where Temperatures climbed above freezing. Mother Nature pretty much has thrown different conditions at the teams each day, with yesterdays snowfall adding some excitement. Looking… Read more »

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