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Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Race        
1/28/2018 Day 2
58 Miles
Position Musher LeftPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
9110Bruce Magnusson0:24:004:53:104:29:1012.99:33
828Jeff Conn0:21:005:00:484:39:4812.49:30
1032Alix Crittenden0:27:005:08:024:41:0212.49:27
5413Dennis Laboda0:12:004:54:274:42:2712.39:24
1259Lina Streeper0:33:005:19:594:46:5912.19:21
465Greta Thurston0:09:004:58:034:49:0312.09:18
674Austin Forney0:15:005:04:494:49:4912.09:15
1186Dave Torgerson0:30:005:20:504:50:5012.09:12
7914JR Anderson0:18:005:10:464:52:4611.99:09
11012Laura Daugereau0:00:005:17:165:17:1611.09:06
3111Jerry Scdoris0:06:005:52:125:46:1210.19:03
2123Chris Adkins0:03:006:07:196:04:199.69:00

Race Commentary and Updates: Stage 2: Kemmerer

Looking at some numbers after Day 2 Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-02-2020 at 8:46 pm

Hello Pedigree Race fans. Day 2 in Pinedale is a wrap. The Stage Stop family since has traveled to Kemmer and enjoyed a great welcome dinner there. What a nice drive down that was today! Anny Malo is still wearing the Yellow Bib. Matter of fact she has widened her lead today to 4 minutes…. Read more »

Pinedale Stage, Selection of videos from the Trail Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:43 pm

Here is a selection of videos from the Pinedale Stage. The computer is getting cold, my fingers too….. ( sitting outside the Pinedale Library for Internet ) and time to hit the road to Kemmer. More tonight! Enjoy:

Trail Video Pinedale Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:12 pm

Would you like to see some of the hill climbing the teams have to to on the Pinedale Stage?Here you go: Enjoy!

Day 2 Pinedale, report from the Start Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 2:17 pm

Hello Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Fans. After a 45 minute drive from Pinedale to the Kendall River Valley, Teams were greeted by cooler temperatures, about 10F above. Perfect dog running temperature.  At 8 a.m. sharp was the mushers meeting, where teams were given a quick overview over todays stage. 34 miles total. Out and back… Read more »

Recap Day 1, looking at 2nd Stage Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:27 am

Good morning from Pinedale Pedigree® Stage Stop Race fans. The Start of the 25th Pedigree® Stage Stop Race in Downtown Wyoming saw a record crowd for spectators. The weather was near perfect. The same can be said for the start of the first Stage in beautiful Alpine.  Running along the Greys River was a real treat…. Read more »

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