Start OrderFinish PositionBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPH# dogs started# dogs finished
10110JR Anderson0:27:002:53:512:26:5113.11010
1324Jerry Bath0:36:003:03:372:27:3713.01010
9313John Stewart0:24:002:53:252:29:2512.81010
1546Buddy Streeper0:42:003:11:542:29:5412.81111
1455Bruce Magnusson0:39:003:10:242:31:2412.71010
867Eli Golton0:21:002:53:282:32:2812.61010
1278Dave Turner0:33:003:08:032:35:0312.41010
1189Dennis Laboda0:30:003:05:542:35:5412.31210
3914Al Borak0:06:002:43:552:37:5512.299
4103Stacey Teasley0:09:002:47:392:38:3912.11010
61112Jake Golton0:15:002:54:252:39:2512.01010
71211Ryan Redington0:18:002:59:122:41:1211.998
5132Jeff Conn0:12:002:56:042:44:0411.799
21415Monica Zappa0:03:002:50:222:47:2211.51212
1151Jerry Scdoris0:00:003:09:283:09:2810.11211

Race Commentary and Updates: 2015 Stage 3: Driggs Idaho

Sunshine and fast trails: Kemmerer, day 3 Sarah Lederle

Posted 01-28-2019 at 5:51 pm

Commentary by Jerry Bath This race has changed and fast.  In the past the Kemmerer stage has always been known as a tough one, now it’s a speed track.  All mushers agree they love it.  The Wyoming state trail groomers were spot on with their grooming the night before as mushers want to buy them… Read more »

Kemmerer split times 2019 Sarah Lederle

Posted at 5:08 pm

Commentary by Jerry Bath Pedigree Stage Stop Race Stage 3, Kemmerer, WY, Jan 28, 2019    

Big Piney/Marbleton – LEG CANCELED Jerry Bath

Posted 01-29-2018 at 2:07 pm

TODAY’S STAGE CANCELLED — RACE CONTINUES AS SCHEDULED. BIG PINEY / MARBLETON, WYOMING, January 29, 2018. Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Director, Dan Carter, today announced that the Big Piney / Marbleton Stage was canceled due to deteriorating trail conditions. The Pedigree® Stage Stop continues tomorrow, January 30th as scheduled in Pinedale, Wyoming. Visit for… Read more »

Good morning Big Piney Jerry Bath

Posted at 8:21 am

By: Jerry Bath Last nights supper with the towns of Big Piney/Marbleton was fantastic as usual! A superb Dutch oven desert bar is always the highlight of the banquet. Yesterday’s Kemmerer stage saw a bit of the sun as the races crossed the finish line. I would imagine today to see a bit more and… Read more »

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